MIRA Values

  • Work WITH you. We do not do things TO you.
  • Meet you where you are; not where WE want you to be.
  • We work with respect & dignity for all parties.
  • We work with you on "Wellbeing" for individuals. teams and the organisation. At times this involves managing difference and conflict.  We stand with you in the thick and thin of this process.
  • Commitment to on going development
  • We hand over the fishing rod not just the fish - we nurture independence and interdependence.  We do not want you to be dependent on MIRA.
  • We energise people and the organisation; we identify enervation.  This includes any aspect of organisational life that demotivates.  We engage with the individual and the organisation to co create and transform the enervation to energising.


In 1992 in Europe, Elaine Beadle and Albrecht Hemming founded MIRA, a group of consultants and trainers who focus on client-oriented organisation development.

In 1995 the first of the German colleagues joined, 2002 the first in Australia and 2006 came the first move to USA. Albrecht Hemming died that same year. Each partner is a skilled organisation developer and, in addition, has particular specialities which, combined together, provide a broad inter-disciplinary palette of client-oriented solutions.

We are a team and in working with you demonstrate this experience. We strive to do our best in walking our talk.