Strategic Directions

MIRA Companions supports you in the articulation and development of your strategic direction and intent. We see the strategic as consisting of the why, what and the how of the organisation. These give the organisation its orientation.

The question is, Why does the organisation exist?  This goes deeper than just making money; it is an exploration!  The 'what' are the strategic and operational goals and aims. The 'how' is about values and behaviours deployed in the pursuit of the why and the what.  In most organisations the 'what' dominates the strategic focus.  The why and how statements provide crucial guidance for decision making in difficult and challenging times.

MIRA supports the development of the why, what and how.   As important, is the deployment of the strategic down to the day to day activities. MIRA supports you to create congruence and alignment between the strategic and the structure/ function, processes and resources deployed.  The seven beacons are the core tool that enables and supports organisational alignment.

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 Lance Deacon – Joint Managing Director, Dyson Group of Companies

"I have worked with Stephen over the past 4 years in the pursuit of good to great. The focus has been creating a values based organisation that thrives on involving our people. The health of internal relationships has been reviewed and interface conversations implemented to ensure relationships are healthy and always developing across the business.   We have a strong sense of being a unified team focused on being a leader in our field.   Healthy relationships and strong feedback systems have enabled a more efficient and effective outcome; silo thinking has been transformed into whole of business thinking."  Stephen also chairs our board meetings, facilitates strategic planning and provides executive coaching.   He has also assisted in our Family Office with a updated Strategic Plan that included all the stakeholders in its creation.

Richard Siegersma – CEO of DA Information Services.
"Over the last 4 years I have worked with Stephen to assist us to move from a hierarchical, fear based organisation to one that thrives on feedback, direct communication, democracy and collaboration. His depth of understanding and perception of issues needing to be addressed has provided the support I needed. It has been a challenging conscious growth journey that enables our organisation to continue to innovate and offer something to the broader community. It is becoming an organisation of the future today. This journey has included; recreating the vision & values, aligning behaviour to vision & values and having courageous conversations as required."

Brendan Bourke - CEO Penrite Oils
"Stephen worked with Penrite, a family business, for an 18 month period. His engagement began with a supply chain benchmarking project. Following that he provided ongoing executive coaching to deliver improved customer and supply chain service while reducing the cost base. The coaching included development of strategic and one page plans and the establishment of a KPI performance system.
He also conducted change management activities with the senior management team for the implementation of a Sales and Operations Planning process.
Stephen also facilitated a strategic planning process that bought the board and management together to set the future direction. He was able to deliver on his objectives as he is competent in working in challenging situations, staying focused and naming issues as required.