Stephen Hanman

I am part of the global network of MIRA who has companions in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Austria and USA.
I have an organisational development qualification in addition to a Bachelor of Economics, a Certificate of Supply Chain Management a coaching qualification and a Cert IV in Training and Education. I also offer a diploma and advanced diploma of management as part of my coaching offer.

My organisational development experience incorporates 14 years of supply chain development work with Benchmarking Success; a business I pioneered in 1993.  I joined MIRA Companions in 2004.  My first career was 5 years with a major transport and logistics company in a range of roles. While on site at a leading steel company managing the transport task the idea of a soulful workplace was born.  This led me to consulting in 1989, then BMS and finally MIRA.  

My work since 1993 has pioneered external and internal business improvement peer group concepts.

I have worked with collaborative workplace approaches in the peer group concept as well as collaboration projects in many industries. In the construction industry this has included the co creation of a collaborative framework for an integrated development company to work with its design consultants and trade contractors throughout the design and construct process.  This 5 year project delivered millions of dollars of savings and changed people's lives - it was great for organisations and great for the people within them!

The organisational challenge is to align processes and systems with people potential in a living organisation.  Conflict management and resolution is often a starting point in projects.  My skill set incorporates ontological coaching for people and organisations.

The focus of my work is to create high performing collaborative workplaces that are of benefit to the organisation and the individual, and incorporates;

-  Alignment of the technical [processes / systems] with the people.

-  Phases of Organisational Development. Continuous improvement.  Interface Conversations.

-  Change management, process redesign. 

-  Coaching, conflict resolution and mediation

-  Collaborative business processes that include simulations and partnering. 

-  Facilitator & Educator & Presenter.

-  Best Practice & Benchmarking open systems

-  KPI and Performance Measurement and Management

- Facilitation of the Beer Game [most popular systems thinking simulation in the world] and Red Blue Simulation [contrast adversarial to collaborative actions]

I won the International Journal of Logistics Management best paper award in 1998 for the article “Benchmarking your firm’s performance with Best Practice”, the first non academic to win the award, previously it had been won by a range of professors.

Organisations that deliver great outcomes and that are good for people is the central tenet of MIRA work. To enable this; the concept of the open centre is developed and nurtured that is focused on meeting organisations and people where they are.

Past clients include  DuluxGroup, Dysons, CGA Bryson,GRA, DA Information Services, UYCH Community College, Slattery & Acquroff, Unilever, 3M and BP.