MIRA Services

Change and Organisation Development (OD)

MIRA Companions brings a partnering approach to the business of change management in organisations, facilitating the process from where you are to where you want to be. This incorporates optimising the interface between people and technical systems.    Our approach is informed by our knowledge of the phases of organisation development and includes the seven organisational beacons.


Professional Development

MIRA works with the understanding that when the organisation aligns the personal leading image and aims of its people with those of the organisation through Professional Development all parties gain. Biography work is an aspect of this.  When the shining star for me aligns with the organisation we create the conditions where every one can be their best!


Interface Optimisation

Organisations aim to constantly improve the quality of products, services and processes. MIRA has a unique Interface system which reduces silo management and creates a “whole of system” approach.  From feral to federal is the catchcry!  From independence to interdependence.


Conflict Management

A key element of healthy relationships is the ability to value difference and resolve conflict effectively. We create the space, mediate and provide the skills for respectful, dignified Difficult Conversations that restore trust.  Conflict management is one of our specialities - we do this with you.  High performance trusting relationships is the outcome.  No lurking Pandora's box.

Education & Training

MIRA promotes hands on learning related to the aims, goals and constraints relevant to your organisation, through a people centred, holistic approach.  Our education is focused on the head, hearts and hands.  Nurturing self responsibility enables outcomes beyond the plan.  This includes the formal qualifications of the diploma and advanced diploma of management.



Coaching & Biography Work

We accompany leaders and managers as professionals and as people. In a relationship of trust, we advise and support you in your key tasks. This includes the formal qualifications of the diploma and advanced diploma of management.

Collaborative Workplaces

MIRA can support you to create a collaborative, accountable workplace that delivers on its promise.    We have a structured framework that takes you from where you are to what you want to create.  This framework is holistic and values based - set your aim then structure and manage your organisation so it walks the talk.  Healthy developing relationships that thrive on feedback are core.  A workplace that is great for people and delivers efficient and effective outcomes. 


Strategic Directions

MIRA Companions supports you in the articulation and development of your strategic direction. We see the strategic as consisting of the why, what and the how. These give the organisation its orientation.  Why does the organisation exist? What will it do?  How does it want its people to behave; based on what principles and values?


Facilitation is a core skills of MIRA's.  Everything we do if facilitiative.  Our processes always include the critical people involved.    Group dynamics are well developed though our ongoing professional development.  Our facilitation has a broad scope from strategic off sites, stakeholder engagement, community consultation, values setting, collective planning, etc.  


Team Building and Leadership

Team building to enable desired aims is part of our ongoing work with clients.  Building capacity within teams leads to naming and resolving issues and conflicts.  Building healthy feedback systems creates a learning and developing environment.   We also make this learning fun so it engages with the team.

Social Research

We design, project manage, carry out and train others to conduct; Service or Project Evaluations and Reviews, Needs Analysis and Community Stakeholder Consultation.
Our approach is highly participative approach,working to ensure the organisation/project and stakeholders understand the purpose, scope and methodology, so that a review, needs analysis or evaluation is a constructive learning experience.


Performance Management

MIRA has designed performance management systems for clients based on development aims.  Healthy feedback is an input to high performance environments.  Educating clients about healthy appraisal systems and people capable of holding other's accountable while nurturing commitment is what we are capable of.