Rhyll Stafford

Rhyll Stafford

I have been working intensively with individuals, groups and organisations and their learning and development since 1996, initially in Social Services and Violence Prevention arenas. I came upon the MIRA approach whilst working in these sectors, and after completing the MIRA organisation development training began working with teams and organisations in 1998.

I have a deep belief in experiential learning (learning by doing) and work developmentally (assisting people develop the skills they need to take new steps in performance) so that people in organizations can constantly improve their productivity and customer focus. It's clear, from my last 16 years of work, that this happens through opportunites for people to learn from experience, develop effective working relationships and see the contribution thier work makes towards organizational effectiveness.

All of MIRA's work is focused on improving organizational culture and customer focus. I enjoy the many and unique ways we make this happen.
Most of my work, over the last decade has been facilitation and training to; develop inhouse coaches, improve work processes, provide change management support and strategic development, train trainers, facilitate team/leadership development and build competence in interpersonal  communication and conflict resolution.

I joined MIRA Companions for Development in 2006, after working independently for 7 years. MIRA and our professional association, the Worldwide Association for Social Development (ASD) provide a great practical and philosophical learning community for the ongoing research and development of our work. MIRA and the ASD are provide rigourous reflection and learning for my work with client organisations. MIRA's teamwork means our clients get the benifit of a wide range of expertise and we have to walk our talk. 

I hold a Masters in Organisation Development (UWS), Graduate Diplomas in Higher Education (UNITEC) and Psycho Social Studies (AUT), as well as Group Work Competency and Supervision qualifications. I work across commercial, public (in health and local government) and not for profit sectors.

I also conduct Social Research for Community and Organisation Development (underpinned by many years lecturing in Social Research). Organizational and community based needs analysis I've conducted over the last decade have informed agency and programme development, training designs and customized approaches to team and leadership development.

Rhyll Stafford

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