Professional Development

MIRA Companions works with the understanding that when the organisation finds a means for the individual to align his/her personal aims with those of the organisation through Professional Development all parties gain.  Biography work is one aspect of this.

We have a holistic view of the human being that incorporates the head, heart and hands.  Or put another way human beings think, feel and act [do]. 
All MIRA work is informed by this image.

We work with people to develop healthy relationships with themselves and others.

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Neale Rodgerson – National Logistics and Supply Chain Manager, Dulux Group
The services MIRA offers have enabled us to stay at the top of our game for an extended period; including numerous industry awards.  MIRA has provided a range of services including; executive coaching for our high potential employees, supply chain development assistance including collaboration with a third party provider, team building to maintain the high performance, collective intelligence strategic planning process, benchmarking, and development and facilitation of an operational excellence peer group.

Lance Deacon – Joint Managing Director, Dyson Group of Companies
"I have worked with Stephen over the past 4 years in the pursuit of good to great. The focus has been creating a values based organisation that thrives on involving our people. The health of internal relationships has been reviewed and interface conversations implemented to ensure relationships are healthy and always developing across the business. We have a strong sense of being a unified team focused on being a leader in our field. Healthy relationships and strong feedback systems have enabled a more efficient and effective outcome; silo thinking has been transformed into whole of business thinking."  Stephen also chairs our board meetings, facilitates strategic planning and provides executive coaching. He has also assisted in our Family Office with a updated Strategic Plan that included all the stakeholders in its creation.