Performance Management

Performance management.

A short video on How to identify develop and manage KPI's by Stephen Hanman.

Stephen Hanman's experience includes the pioneering of Benchmarking Success, a business that was launched in 1993 with RMIT University.  Stephen can facilitiate the identification, development and management of a KPI system that is linked to your strategic aims and directions.

With clients we have developed performance management systems from scratch.  This includes performance appraisals, performance plans and agreements, education around how to conduct a healthy performance appriasal. 

The MIRA job / function description process is holistic and integrated with the broader management system.  The framework is the wheel of organisational dynamics.  This incorporates the use of trust and power in the organisation. 

The purpose of the performance management system is to create clarity and responsibility in the various workplace roles.   We believe people need healthy feedback for their on going development.  

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