Education & Training

MIRA Companions promotes hands on learning related to the aims, goals and constraints relevant to your organisation, through a people centred, holistic approach.  We consciously educate the head, heart and hands enabling successful skill and professional development. 

We also offer the Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management qualifications in the areas of management style, change management and organisational development.  Much of our education is work based with live improvement projects that add significant value to both the participant and the organisation.  It is a Win Win.

The sign up process begins with the coaching commission after the organisational project has been identified.  Ideally we play an active role in the project.  In this way we add organisational value while also delivering the coaching commission that includes the relevant units of the diploma or advanced diploma. 

The advanced diploma of leadership and management units of competency offered include; the three core units of:
BSB MGT 605B Provide Leadership,
BSB INN 601B Manage Organisation Change
BSB MGT 616A Develop and implement strategic plans. 

The other nine units can include the five below and four others of choice; 
BSB MGT 615A Contribute to Organisation Development,
BSB MGT 608C Manage innovation and continuous improvement,
PSP MNGT 603B Facilitate people mgt,
BSB GOV 602B Establish and maintain strategic networks
PSPGOV 516A Develop and use emotional intelligence

The Diploma of Leadership and Management requires the 5 core units;
BSB WOR 501A Manage personal work priorities & professional development,
BSB MGT 502B Manage people performance,
BSB MGT 516A Facilitate continuous improvement – includes KPIs,
BSB PMG 522A Undertake a work project–used for assessment,
BSB WOR 502A Ensure team effectiveness–high performance is focus.

The diploma requires 12 units so seven from the list below;
BSB ADM 502B Manage Meetings,
BSB ATSIL 503C Manage conflict –the positive aspects of resolution
PSP GOV 516A Develop and Use Emotional Intelligence
BSB CUS 501A Manage Quality Customer Service 
BSBMGT 515A Manage Operational Plan
BSBPUR 504B Manage a Supply Chain –components, elements, etc.
BSB PUR 502B Manage Supplier Relationships

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Our education and training offer includes;

1st  [formal] & 2nd  [informal] organisation

Alliancing & partnering                   Alignment - values, vision & policies

Benchmarking – KPIs & Process


Change management.                                           Coaching Training

Collaboration - introduction and advanced                Cultural change

Conflict – introduction and advanced                           


Delegation and Influencing.        Difficult / Courageous Conversations

Facilitation Training - introduction and advanced

Interface Conversations

Job / Function description development and management

KPI [key performancce indicators] development and management


Making & managing commitments - Deliver the Promise

Management style  - hollow squares simulation. 

By example, by control/from the top, by support and integrative.

Meeting effectiveness


Organisation development – phases of.   Organisation – 7 beacons of

Organisation to organism,  Alive!


Project management                       Process – creating living processes.

Performance management


Red Blue simulation - collaborative v adversarial                  

Relationships – building healthy ones       

Resilience – building it to avoid burn out.

Rights scale – Power and Trust and Influence


Self Responsibility – nurturing it.

Strategic - Critical Success Factors to Plan Process

Strategic Off Sites - Facilitation for Vision, Values & Behaviours & Aims/Goals

Supply chain thinking & education

Systems thinking - supply chain "beer game"


Time management