Collaborative Workplaces and Team Building

MIRA Companions can support you to create a collaborative, accountable workplace that delivers on its promise. We have a structured framework that takes you from where you are to what you want to create. We look forward to working with you.

MIRA’s holistic approach to collaboration incorporates; the phase of organisational development, management styles, use of trust and power, the wheel of organisational dynamics, the interface conversation and the 7 beacons.

Collaborative workplaces deliver high levels of productivity, increased profit margins and significant engagement and satisfaction.

Stephen Hanman, with the client Ian George, is about to launch the book From me to we: design and build collaborative workplaces.

MIRA also deploys a range of simulations to nurture understanding and engagement. The two key simulations are Red Blue and the Beer Game.

We have worked across supply chains in a range of industries as well as collaborative construction projects. In the collaborative construction process, strategic alliances were preferred to the tender process. The alliance partners were involved in the design and construct process from initial design planning to day to day activity on the site.

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Ian George – Finance Director and Construction CEO of CGA Bryson

Over a four year period MIRA assisted the Integrated Property Company from a pioneering phase through differentiation towards the federation phase [MIRA phases of organisational development] during 6 construction projects.  All projects were delivered on or before due dates & the outturn cost improved [delivered under budget] as the collaboration deepened.  All people in the collaborative construction system became self starters & responsible for their actions. 

The assistance started with nine preferred contractors and consultants who became part of a strategic alliance, the tender process was overlooked for these preferred suppliers.  MIRA conducted workshops to educate the parties about how collaboration works and what it is and what it is not.  MIRA designed the collaborative system with CGA; this included a move away from the hierarchical structure [master and servant] and adoption of a process based system. 

Stephen also conducted strategic planning, development of KPIs and interface conversations.  Training was conducted for a group of about 40 people from the development and supplier companies including topics like; developing healthy relationships, positive conflict resolution, making and managing commitments, principled negotiations and management styles.  MIRA facilitated the aim of CGA becoming a preferred customer to the suppliers.  

Chris Malin – CEO Link Recruitment

"MIRA assisted us to resolve an interface issue between Corporate Services and Operations. This involved building consciousness around this interface to ensure healthy relationships were developed and maintained. MIRA’s work included a strategic relationship audit, executive coaching and values setting. The services MIRA offered enabled us to maintain healthy relationships and continue our successful values based organisational growth.