Change & Organisation Development

MIRA Companions brings a partnering approach to the business of change management and development in organisations, facilitating the process from where you are to where you want to be.  This incorporates the interface between people and technical systems.

All projects are customised to the client's needs however our approach is informed by our knowledge of; change management and development; the phases of organisation development; and the seven organisational beacons.

We can assist with all sorts of change management processes; cultural change, technology change, people change, structural change, etc.   

The MIRA change management model highlights the tension between the current reality and a desired future when an aim is set to change.  People think about change, then they feel into the change with the new skills required to operate in this new environment.  Then finally they move to action [doing]; they are committed to the change.  The art of change is creating the conditions for the change and acting swiftly when the critical mass moves to committment.  Resistance is the result of moving too fast too early or not seeing what others can see. The challenge is to see the whole and act accordingly. 

Watch a short video on change management from Stephen Hanman.

4 Phases of organisation development 

Pioneer           Differentiation         Federation          Integration

The catch cry of the Pioneer phase is follow me.  This then changes to Us and Them in Differentiation.  Often it becomes  Us v Them and the move to Federation is required.  Many organisations including most corporates live in Differentiation.  In Federation the catch cry is "as well as" - there is me, you and us and sustainable solutions are found through principled negotiations.  Successful sales and operations planning and execution is an example of a Federated organisation.  The focus becomes "We" via the interface system.  Organisations can live in Federation and also experience glimpses of Integration - this is when we as an organisation are in flow.  The great sporting teams and individual athletes can work in this zone.  For an organisation it is experienced when the sum of the whole is greater than the parts.

Seven Organisation Beacons

AimsWhat.  Vision / Leading Image Why.    Values, Principles & Behaviours How.    People Who.    Structure & Responsibilities.      Processes.        Resources.

A typical engagement journey with a client follows the steps of; Building relationships; Establishing an aim with a clear view of success; Diagnosis, picture building, recommendations; Interventions, tools / concepts / skill development, etc; Implementation support and coaching; and Review, reflection, learning, embedding the change, celebration and forward planning.

Please contact us if you would like more information.  We look forward to being of service.


Steve Bray, Partner GRA [Supply Chain Consultants] - Cultural Change

Most business consultants know that you underestimate cultural challenges at your own peril.  Stephen does a great job of educating clients on why cultural change is important and how to go about it.  He confronts the difficult conversations and takes the journey with you – leaving ‘no elephants in the room’.  We’ve worked with Stephen on both internal and client-related cultural challenges and highly recommend his work.

Neale Rodgerson – National Logistics and Supply Chain Manager, Dulux Group

The services MIRA offers have enabled us to stay at the top of our game for an extended period; including numerous industry awards.  MIRA has provided a range of services including; executive coaching for our high potential employees, supply chain development assistance including collaboration with a third party provider, team building, collective intelligence strategic planning process, benchmarking, and development and facilitation of an operational excellence peer group.

Lance Deacon – Joint Managing Director, Dyson Group of Companies

I have worked with Stephen over the past 4 years in the pursuit of good to great.   The focus has been creating a values based organisation that thrives on involving our people.   The health of internal relationships has been reviewed and interface conversations implemented to ensure relationships are healthy and always developing across the business.   We have a strong sense of being a unified team focused on being a leader in our field.   Healthy relationships and strong feedback systems have enabled a more efficient and effective outcome; silo thinking has been transformed into whole of business thinking.  Stephen also chairs our board meetings, facilitates strategic planning and provides executive coaching.   He has also assisted in our Family Office with a updated Strategic Plan that included all the stakeholders in its creation.

Brendan Bourke - ex CEO Penrite Oils

Stephen worked with Penrite, a family business, for an 18 month period. His engagement began with a supply chain benchmarking project. Following that he provided ongoing executive coaching to deliver improved customer and supply chain service while reducing the cost base. The coaching included development of strategic and one page plans and the establishment of a KPI performance system.

He also conducted change management activities with the senior management team for the implementation of a Sales and Operations Planning process.

Stephen also facilitated a strategic planning process that bought the board and management together to set the future direction. He was able to deliver on his objectives as he is competent in working in challenging situations, staying focused and naming issues as required.

Chris Malin – ex CEO Link Recruitment

MIRA assisted us to resolve an interface issue between Corporate Services and Operations. This involved building consciousness around this interface to ensure healthy relationships were developed and maintained. MIRA’s work included a strategic relationship audit, executive coaching and values setting. The services MIRA offered enabled us to maintain healthy relationships and continue our successful values based organisational growth.