MIRA Companions

MIRA Companions for Change and Development is an international consulting group committed to working with you to create the conditions for positive change.  MIRA’s role is to support you in creating a high performance, enlivened, accountable collaborative workplace that will deliver your strategic aims while building self responsible people.  Our focus is to energise people and the organisation and to remove constraints that currently exist that enervate people.

We respond to your questions bringing a range of tools, concepts and programs that focus on building motivated and committed people.  A motivated person is always more productive!

MIRA works with organisations willing to go on a conscious growth journey in developing their human potential.  Organisations that are able to respond to the external demands of the market and the internal needs of their workplace environment.  Our engagements begin in various places, e.g. interface conversations between internal departments or external suppliers and customers, facilitating a strategic workshop to create the vision, values and aims, a relationship challenge that needs conflict management, mediation and resolution; a cultural change process, etc.

Creating and managing the appropriate balance between power and trust enables the organisation to successfully deliver on its current aims and develop and grow.  Our commitment is to nurture and optimise the interfaces and assist the organisation on its development and growth path. 

We accompany you in the work, understanding that the client has the wisdom and knowledge while we can offer the process, ’right’ questions, coaching and processes that lead to health, inspiration, success and achievement of goals. 

We work as a companion in the process, co-creating the way forward, rather than offering off-the-shelf solutions - we believe this delivers sustainable success for all involved.  We work with you to; articulate the strategic aims and goals, vison and values and then align these strategic objectives to the organisiational structure, process and resource deployment.

MIRA assists a broad range of organisations including; family businesses, corporates, NGOs, educationally based organisations and governments.  The science and art of change management that embraces the wisdom of the human being is a core competency.  Our approach is to enable your success!